Outings with twins

Twins are not hard in itself to take care of. It’s finding facilities in the outside world that make it difficult. Here is a list of my favorite twin favorite places that I will update as time goes on.

  1. Nordstrom, Fashion Valley in San Diego. Now, I love Nordstrom for many reasons, their amazing customer service for number one, but now that I am a mom I love their Women’s Lounge! A separate room away from the stalls, with comfy seating and a large area for littles to run around. Now had I known this was the case, I would have brought in a blanket so that one little could lay on the ground and play while I fed the other, but laying them on the couch with me blocking them worked fine.
  2. Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey. Talk about making life easier. I don’t breastfeed, but seeing the ‘baby room’ here definitely made me wish again that nursing had worked out for us. Rocking, reclining soft leather chairs, separated by half walls, facing a screen with serene ocean scenes and soft music. PERFECT. Just one little thing, the changing table was still in the bathroom in another room. There was a sink in the baby room and counter, so I just wish they had put a changing table in there, but perhaps they didn’t for sanitary reasons. Anyway, still amazing with two! When the boys are older there is a small play area too in the baby room.
  3. Westfield Mall, Palm Desert. I am sure most of the Westfield Malls have lots of seating areas which are great for tired shoppers I assume, but also nice for laying one boy down while feeding the other. My main concern when I am out with my boys is not making one sit in the car seat or stroller for so long, so anytime one little can be out while I am feeding the other, it’s a great place.


More to come as I discover them. Unfortunately most places are not very easy for me and two babies, but I go out as much as possible so I am bound to find them all! Places that are the worst… No changing area available at all! When we are all out together I can just take one little to the car to change (which is clearly obnoxious, but possible), but if it’s just me, I am not packing everything up to go change, then come back. I will just leave. You probably won’t get my business, and as annoying as it is to my husband, I like to spend money.

Drink it in!

Super late post. D had a work conference in San Diego, and of course the Littles and I tagged along. We love San Diego. D and I met and married there and our dog is named after the wonderful city. It is pretty much the most perfect city – And two weeks ago, a month ago, I got to introduce this wonderful place to my most precious babes. Bonus points: The weather was beyond perfect!

We started off with some lunch in Old Town at Fred’s. D and I enjoyed the one in PB quite often, so we figured it was a good starting off point. By the time we got to the hotel and all unpacked and settled, it was getting late, so I just went to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner that night. The next day, however, the Littles and I headed down to Seaport Village. It’s a fun little touristy place to walk around and was only a mile from our hotel. So, perfect. Little A and Little H slept through the sites though, but they would have been in awe at the size of the Midway! As a twin mom, it is a little more difficult to get all three of us in a selfie, so I try to take whatever pictures I can. It is a lot easier for D to take our picture… when he is there, or when I remind him too!


Our view was spectacular.


So nice to have fresh air.

I loved having the view of the bay from the balcony, however the open door sure made me nervous. They were not really rolling yet, but I still made sure we were blocking the opening with our bodies or the door was locked tight!


D and his happy boys!


Just taking a selfie on the beach with a daddy photobomb.


D showing off his photog skills using Snap filters.


This just made me laugh.

Luckily D’s conference wasn’t the whole week so we got a lot of family time too. We started by heading off to PB (Pacific Beach) and went to my favorite eatery… World Famous. I absolutely LOVE their lobster bisque. Yummy! Then we walked along the boardwalk and stopped at a bar that used to be called Nicks. The boys needed to eat, and D needed to get out some work emails (yes, he works when he’s not at work). It was early afternoon on a Thursday so it was nice and empty downstairs which was perfect for us. Little H fell asleep in the Ergo on our walk, and I didn’t really want to wake him yet and since D needed to do work, I just fed Little A. D started laughing and thought it was a perfect photo opportunity. He is an amazing dad, and we love being on this parenting journey together, but sometimes it’s just nice to have fun!

Friday we went to some craft breweries with friends in the day, but started off with a morning walk along the water. The night before we went to a beach bonfire for our friends that were getting married on the weekend. We even managed to get a photo of all four of us! The Littles were just bundled up in the Ergo’s to stay warm and away from the bonfire smoke.


Our little family. All dressed up and ready to party.


Little H and I getting ready to dance.


Little A and D. 










So, Saturday. Our friends got married. The Super Bowles Wedding. Great wedding tagline. This was the first wedding for the Littles, and they got dressed to the nines. They were quiet for the ceremony and slept through the beginning of the reception. Then they woke up, ate, put on their dancing shoes and partied. They were trying not to steal the show, after all a wedding is all about the bride. Em’s 4 Bubs were perfect to protect their tiny ears from the loud music and the loud cheering and whistling. Weddings are loud. I don’t think I noticed this before I became a parent.

They had a Photo Booth. I ❤️ Photo Booths! My obsession will live on with my boys.

So, I think that was our San Diego trip in a nutshell. Perfect weather the entire time, minus rain on the night we got there. I can’t wait to get back to San Diego… permanently. Hopefully someday soon!


I’ve swaddled my last baby. Little H started to roll over. In his sleep no less. And now I am out of babies to swaddle.

These milestones are wonderful. They are proof that my babes are growing, thriving, and developing. They are also tough. Each one we meet means one less milestone to achieve.

I absolutely love being a twin mama. I can not imagine any other way to be a parent. One of the many benefits of being a mom to twins is, even though Little H started rolling over just last night, I am thankful for the almost full month of swaddling extension Little H gave me after Little A started rolling over.

My little glow worm sleeping peacefully in his Ollie Swaddle.



Little A in his newfound favorite way to sleep. Normally I just transition swaddle him, but he doesn’t necessarily need it. Plus it’s already warm here in the desert



Little H ready to rock and roll.


Little A celebrating his new found skill! This was the first day of consistent rolling over. He started to roll one way a little more than a week before this.

I love capturing these milestones with these wonderful Milestone Baby Cards! So easy to put the card in the several pictures I would already be taking anyway.



Today the Littles and I went to baby story time at our local public library. I absolutely love going out and doing things with the babes. Yes, it is a little challenging to get in and out of the car with two babies that can not move or do anything for themselves, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Plus, how terrible would it be to just sit in the house all day, every day?? The Littles were a little overwhelmed by all the kiddos running around and the toys and balls all over the place. Little A wanted to get out there and run around I think, while Little H was content with just watching from the safety of my lap! Their little personalities are so unique and it is one of my favorite things about being a twin mom. The librarian stopped reading mid story to comment on the littles, “one is more social and one is more reserved”, yep, they are two different boys.

After our library time we headed to Panera so they and I could eat. Side rant here: We needed to do a diaper change before we went in, so I got out the stroller and changed the boys in the back of the Jeep. Little H was done and in the stroller and I was changing Little A. There were a TON of empty parking spaces. In fact I parked far away from Panera so I would have some space to change diapers and stuff. Well this guy comes and starts parking right next to us! I had to quickly pull back the stroller. It wasn’t in the other space, but it was close so that I could have it next to me while I changed Little A. What is the matter with people?!? Then he gets out and says, “set up shop here I see.” What does that even mean!?! Oh well. Panera was of course yummy, and after the boys ate (and Little A flirted with the two older ladies next to us), I got to eat. They got the normal comments about how good they are. They really are. I may or may not be biased.

After lunch we went shopping at Whole Foods, it always takes me about thirty minutes longer to shop than it used to. Only because we get stopped every few minutes by people asking a plethora of questions: “are those twins, are they fraternal, are you sure?” And now I use the Binxy Baby – which I love – and even though theoretically it makes shopping easier, it actually makes my shopping trips longer because of all the people that stop and talk to me.

Saturday we went to Palm Springs because, well for no reason other than we are in the ‘sweet spot’ weather-wise right now. We had a nice walk around Downtown, stopped for dinner at a little restaurant (Marisol’s), and then stopped for dessert at Great Shakes. If you are ever in Palm Springs, I strongly urge you to make this stop. It’s all shakes and malts, and they all come with a mini donut on the straw!! What more could you ask for??


Salted caramel with hot fudge… and yep, mini donut! We shared because, well, we actually don’t eat sugary food all that much.




Little H enjoying his Binxy Baby Hammock.


Little A fell asleep at one point. Good news: They both love it!











Would love to have two Binxy Baby’s, but they are a bit pricey, so I just wear the other babe for now and it works fine. Unless someone wants to give me a second one!

Anyway, this rant, I mean post, is getting lengthy. I just love everyday. I love every second of every day. Spending so much time with my babes is the absolute best!



Every Decision Is Tough

I have heard people say that being a parent is the most rewarding and most difficult job ever. Four months into this twin thing and it is definitely the most amazing thing I have ever done. Every day is amazing. Every day is the best. Now granted there are more challenging days when I get frustrated with myself because I want to do the dishes or a load of laundry or clean my house the way I like it to be cleaned and I just can’t get to it. I have been getting better at just letting it go. Dishes and laundry will always be there and we are lucky to be able to pay for housekeepers.

Two babies is not the most difficult part to me. It’s the decisions. The choices that I make. I understand the importance of vaccines. I know they are a necessary evil, if you will. I just still feel terrible after their shots. I helicopter over the boys and note every slight little change in their moods, demeanor, behaviors, etc…

Little A was focused with intent as a newborn. He always observed and looked around and was content most of the time. After his first round of vaccines, he changed a bit. He became less focused and more spacey (if that is the correct word to describe him). He also became more fussy. I feel there are a couple of explanations for the differences I notice. One, he was such a young newborn (born at 37 weeks 2 days) that he hadn’t really ‘woken up’ yet. Two, we are inadvertently comparing him to Little H because with twins it’s hard not too. He is smaller than Little H and they reacted differently to the vaccines – just like they will probably react different to many things to come. I just wonder if I should have spread out the vaccines? I didn’t know that was an option though until I spoke with a friend. Maybe he was too little to get so many at this time? Perhaps it was the mixture of the vaccines and the Tylenol?

My point to this is, I know that skipping vaccines is not really the best choice, but maybe the doctors can be upfront with the information that we as parents can spread out the vaccine schedule more. Or not start vaccines until they reach a certain weight as opposed to meeting the age of two months. I have twins and they are not the same size, so age might not be the proper vaccine protocol. I know that now when we get their shots we are going to take a slightly different approach. We are spreading them out. We are forgoing Tylenol unless they are exhibiting a lot of pain. (Edit: we skipped Tylenol for the last round of shots and they did absolutely fine. Cried right after the initial stick, but we fed them and they were happy and acting normal after a good nap.)

These decisions will likely never get easier, but I will just continue to do the best I can as their mom. And in the mean time, soak up every bit of their moments!


Happy Four Months Little A!


Happy Four Months Little H! (Oh that face!)


Of course I captured first St. Patricks Day pictures!

Four Months

As I sit on our comfy couch today I have one baby laying on me and the other baby in his Dock-A-Tot, I get a little teary eyed. I think about how fast these last 4 months have gone by. I think about how lucky I am. I think about how long I wanted this. My boys are my everything.

We have a wedding coming up next weekend and I am so happy I get to go with my Littles. I have dreamed of having a little one to take to fun events like this for so many years. I have been planning out their outfits for a month now and can’t wait to show them off! I think that was part of my tears this afternoon – staring at my Littles today and knowing how long I dreamed of these moments, these moments that I am now living. It is awesome.

So now I have four month olds. We have another trip coming up with them. It’s the longest one and to one of my favorite places in California. San Diego. D and I started our relationship in San Diego. We got married in San Diego. We named our dog after San Diego. I love San Diego and I am so happy to bring my Littles to my favorite place.

They have been doing so great with their routine and sleeping lately. Two-hour naps 3 times a day and sleeping 8-9 hours each night, followed by an additional 2 hours after a bottle. It is nice. I am hoping they continue this routine. Wishful thinking. Probably.

The Littles turned 4 months on Monday, and it is weird, but I swear the change in them was almost immediate. Little H grabs toys and puts them right into his mouth. I watched him do it Monday morning. Little A was rolling over by the afternoon. From tummy to back (he hates tummy time), then from back to tummy is almost mastered, if he can just figure out to move his arm. It is so amazing to watch them change. It is so amazing to see them discover new things. I am so lucky that I get to spend my days with them. I am so thankful that D is the best husband ever and supports my decision to quit my job.

And now for a swift change of subject, I am hoping to set up my in home photography studio soon. D and the boys got me a lighting kit and background screens. I am excited to set it all up and take some pictures. So be prepared. If they turn out well, there will be a lot of pictures posted!

We took the boys to the BNP Paribas Tennis Open here in town. We go every year, so it was fun to bring the boys this time. All of D’s coworkers loved seeing the Littles. D has decided he wants the boys to grow up and be professional tennis players. We will see. 🎾


Family selfie in the suite watching Venus Williams get a comeback win.



Some more father/son twinning.


4 month photoshoot!

Birthday in LA

Well, I celebrated another anniversary of birth. First one as a Momma. It felt different. Less significant in terms of me being spoiled. I wanted to just spoil my Littles. Subtle changes over the course of the last few months have made me less selfish. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still be celebrating birthday month… because let’s face it, using birthday month as an excuse to go out to dinner multiple times this month is my jam.

Now on to the Littles first trip to LA; second trip overall.

Traveling with the Littles is so much fun. I love packing for them. I tend to be an overpacker, but I have been doing great so far. One must have when I am packing are their DockATots. Originally I had purchased the 4Moms Breeze for each of them with the thought of also using them to travel, however, our SUV proved to be a lot smaller than we thought when we bought it – three years ago! So with a suitcase, garment bag, and the Littles formula, bottles and diapers, the Breeze would not fit, let alone two of them! So enter the DockATots. They travel well and fit right on the King bed with us. Added bonus: the Littles sleep 9-10 hours!! It’s so nice. So while I am on vacation, I actually get to sleep like I am on vacation!

The hardest part about traveling with the Littles? Cleaning their bottles in the hotel room. I will be excited when they don’t need bottles as much because they are starting to eat solid foods for traveling purposes only. I definitely don’t want them growing too fast, but it will make traveling easier.

This trip was a little more fun than Monterey because we stayed for an extra two days over the conference time, so we got to do things as a family after D’s conference was done. So we spent some time in Marina Del Rey and ate lunch at Killer Shrimp. Looked sketchy, but the food was great! Plus we got to look out over the Marina at the sail boats as we ate. Then we headed to Santa Monica. I love walking around that area along the water front and on the pier. It was a great time, and fun that I had to actually bundle the Littles up since it was pretty chilly.

The Littles travel really well for the most part. They seem to be done with it all near the end of the trip. I need to be better at bringing their toys, because I feel that they would do better if they had familiar stimulation to look at. Anyway, they got a little cranky at brunch on the last day. So we ate and headed home instead of shopping at The Grove. Still, they are great travelers and hopefully will continue to get better and better at it!


Dreaming about sailboats in Marina Del Rey


Momma and Little H selfie in Manhattan Beach


Momma and Little A selfie in Manhattan Beach


Twinning with Dad


My babes and I on the Santa Monica Pier.


Family selfie



These little babes of mine are already 15 weeks old today! It’s crazy how fast it all seems to be going. I am loving the new phases and growing up they are doing, but I also find myself scrolling through past pictures of them as newborns. Even then, I am excited to watch their relationship grow as they get older. I guess I just like to embrace every milestone they reach and knowing these two littles are the only ones D and I will have the milestones become very bittersweet.

Little H has been sleeping great at night at around 8-9 hours a night. Little A sleeps a little differently. Somedays he will sleep as long as his brother, and other days he barely makes it past 4 hours. Those nights are ok though. It means I get some extra bonus one on one time with him. With twins that is one thing I feel I miss out on; one on one cuddle time. They nap well in the day too. Naps are in their Dock A Tots, and they still sleep in their 4Moms bassinets in our room at night. I am not ready to send them to their nursery yet… even though their Owlets give me peace of mind to sleep, our house is really long and since Little A still wakes up I don’t want to have to walk all over the place. Plus, as I said, these littles are it and I am not ready for them to move out of our room just yet. Maybe in 3 more months!

I took the littles to their first My Gym class this past Friday. It was a fun experience and the smiles from the boys showed me they enjoyed it. I think it will also be a great way for me to meet other parents in the area since I will not be going back to work.

It seems as we have a really great routine in place and the boys are doing well with it… which is great. And now to hope they keep up their routine with our next trip. Which is this week.

Luckily it won’t be as long of a drive as Monterey was. Only to LA. I like the practice these trips give me to pack efficiently for the boys and myself. In fact, I did not overpack for Monterey for the first time ever! I am pretty sure D was happy about that. Let’s see if I can keep it up for this trip to LA.

We also switched to new pacifiers this week, since they outgrew their old ones. I love the natural rubber and chemical free Natursutten pacifiers. The boys took right to them as well. I also bought them new clips from Itsy Bitsy (Etsy store) that will work with teethers as well. I feel that milestone is around the corner! Teething with twins… I’m ready for it!


Always happy boys.


Taking it all in at his first My Gym class.


Swinging away at his first My Gym class.


Ready for some fun in the sun.


Monterey California

D and I have beautiful three month old babes now and we took them on their first trip to Monterey. D had a work conference so the littles and I tagged along. We love Monterey and I was very excited to share it with the boys… even if they don’t remember anything. We left in the evening and drove the 7 hours up to Monterey and the littles were great! They slept the entire way with the exception of one wake up to eat after The Grapevine.

I took the boys sightseeing as much as I could before the rain started and we spent one afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With the exception of a little meltdown from H we had a lovely time.

We hope to get these boys used to traveling so that we can continue to go places. I kept them on their same schedule and brought our amazing Dock-A-Tot’s to co-sleep with them.

The drive home was a little more challenging because we left in the day, and it rained the whole way so it took a lot longer. But the littles and I got home after dropping D off in Burbank – he had a bachelor party in San Diego to get to – and I gave them a bath and we all went to sleep. Since that trip they have been sleeping so much better at night. I think reaching three months is more the reason for better sleeping than the trip, but I like to think it goes hand in hand!

A little off topic, but I have been trying to start this blog to chronicle life with my twin boys and it was taking too long to find time to start. So I am just starting with our first trip. I will post about how I got to be the momma of these two amazing boys later on.


Enjoying the Aquarium on a rainy day.


I love being near the ocean and hope my boys will too!


After a long day in the car, we stopped at a Panera so the boys could get a break. We still had another three hours before we made it home. They were real troopers!