Monterey California

D and I have beautiful three month old babes now and we took them on their first trip to Monterey. D had a work conference so the littles and I tagged along. We love Monterey and I was very excited to share it with the boys… even if they don’t remember anything. We left in the evening and drove the 7 hours up to Monterey and the littles were great! They slept the entire way with the exception of one wake up to eat after The Grapevine.

I took the boys sightseeing as much as I could before the rain started and we spent one afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With the exception of a little meltdown from H we had a lovely time.

We hope to get these boys used to traveling so that we can continue to go places. I kept them on their same schedule and brought our amazing Dock-A-Tot’s to co-sleep with them.

The drive home was a little more challenging because we left in the day, and it rained the whole way so it took a lot longer. But the littles and I got home after dropping D off in Burbank – he had a bachelor party in San Diego to get to – and I gave them a bath and we all went to sleep. Since that trip they have been sleeping so much better at night. I think reaching three months is more the reason for better sleeping than the trip, but I like to think it goes hand in hand!

A little off topic, but I have been trying to start this blog to chronicle life with my twin boys and it was taking too long to find time to start. So I am just starting with our first trip. I will post about how I got to be the momma of these two amazing boys later on.


Enjoying the Aquarium on a rainy day.


I love being near the ocean and hope my boys will too!


After a long day in the car, we stopped at a Panera so the boys could get a break. We still had another three hours before we made it home. They were real troopers!

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