These little babes of mine are already 15 weeks old today! It’s crazy how fast it all seems to be going. I am loving the new phases and growing up they are doing, but I also find myself scrolling through past pictures of them as newborns. Even then, I am excited to watch their relationship grow as they get older. I guess I just like to embrace every milestone they reach and knowing these two littles are the only ones D and I will have the milestones become very bittersweet.

Little H has been sleeping great at night at around 8-9 hours a night. Little A sleeps a little differently. Somedays he will sleep as long as his brother, and other days he barely makes it past 4 hours. Those nights are ok though. It means I get some extra bonus one on one time with him. With twins that is one thing I feel I miss out on; one on one cuddle time. They nap well in the day too. Naps are in their Dock A Tots, and they still sleep in their 4Moms bassinets in our room at night. I am not ready to send them to their nursery yet… even though their Owlets give me peace of mind to sleep, our house is really long and since Little A still wakes up I don’t want to have to walk all over the place. Plus, as I said, these littles are it and I am not ready for them to move out of our room just yet. Maybe in 3 more months!

I took the littles to their first My Gym class this past Friday. It was a fun experience and the smiles from the boys showed me they enjoyed it. I think it will also be a great way for me to meet other parents in the area since I will not be going back to work.

It seems as we have a really great routine in place and the boys are doing well with it… which is great. And now to hope they keep up their routine with our next trip. Which is this week.

Luckily it won’t be as long of a drive as Monterey was. Only to LA. I like the practice these trips give me to pack efficiently for the boys and myself. In fact, I did not overpack for Monterey for the first time ever! I am pretty sure D was happy about that. Let’s see if I can keep it up for this trip to LA.

We also switched to new pacifiers this week, since they outgrew their old ones. I love the natural rubber and chemical free Natursutten pacifiers. The boys took right to them as well. I also bought them new clips from Itsy Bitsy (Etsy store) that will work with teethers as well. I feel that milestone is around the corner! Teething with twins… I’m ready for it!


Always happy boys.


Taking it all in at his first My Gym class.


Swinging away at his first My Gym class.


Ready for some fun in the sun.


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