Birthday in LA

Well, I celebrated another anniversary of birth. First one as a Momma. It felt different. Less significant in terms of me being spoiled. I wanted to just spoil my Littles. Subtle changes over the course of the last few months have made me less selfish. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still be celebrating birthday month… because let’s face it, using birthday month as an excuse to go out to dinner multiple times this month is my jam.

Now on to the Littles first trip to LA; second trip overall.

Traveling with the Littles is so much fun. I love packing for them. I tend to be an overpacker, but I have been doing great so far. One must have when I am packing are their DockATots. Originally I had purchased the 4Moms Breeze for each of them with the thought of also using them to travel, however, our SUV proved to be a lot smaller than we thought when we bought it – three years ago! So with a suitcase, garment bag, and the Littles formula, bottles and diapers, the Breeze would not fit, let alone two of them! So enter the DockATots. They travel well and fit right on the King bed with us. Added bonus: the Littles sleep 9-10 hours!! It’s so nice. So while I am on vacation, I actually get to sleep like I am on vacation!

The hardest part about traveling with the Littles? Cleaning their bottles in the hotel room. I will be excited when they don’t need bottles as much because they are starting to eat solid foods for traveling purposes only. I definitely don’t want them growing too fast, but it will make traveling easier.

This trip was a little more fun than Monterey because we stayed for an extra two days over the conference time, so we got to do things as a family after D’s conference was done. So we spent some time in Marina Del Rey and ate lunch at Killer Shrimp. Looked sketchy, but the food was great! Plus we got to look out over the Marina at the sail boats as we ate. Then we headed to Santa Monica. I love walking around that area along the water front and on the pier. It was a great time, and fun that I had to actually bundle the Littles up since it was pretty chilly.

The Littles travel really well for the most part. They seem to be done with it all near the end of the trip. I need to be better at bringing their toys, because I feel that they would do better if they had familiar stimulation to look at. Anyway, they got a little cranky at brunch on the last day. So we ate and headed home instead of shopping at The Grove. Still, they are great travelers and hopefully will continue to get better and better at it!


Dreaming about sailboats in Marina Del Rey


Momma and Little H selfie in Manhattan Beach


Momma and Little A selfie in Manhattan Beach


Twinning with Dad


My babes and I on the Santa Monica Pier.


Family selfie


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