Four Months

As I sit on our comfy couch today I have one baby laying on me and the other baby in his Dock-A-Tot, I get a little teary eyed. I think about how fast these last 4 months have gone by. I think about how lucky I am. I think about how long I wanted this. My boys are my everything.

We have a wedding coming up next weekend and I am so happy I get to go with my Littles. I have dreamed of having a little one to take to fun events like this for so many years. I have been planning out their outfits for a month now and can’t wait to show them off! I think that was part of my tears this afternoon – staring at my Littles today and knowing how long I dreamed of these moments, these moments that I am now living. It is awesome.

So now I have four month olds. We have another trip coming up with them. It’s the longest one and to one of my favorite places in California. San Diego. D and I started our relationship in San Diego. We got married in San Diego. We named our dog after San Diego. I love San Diego and I am so happy to bring my Littles to my favorite place.

They have been doing so great with their routine and sleeping lately. Two-hour naps 3 times a day and sleeping 8-9 hours each night, followed by an additional 2 hours after a bottle. It is nice. I am hoping they continue this routine. Wishful thinking. Probably.

The Littles turned 4 months on Monday, and it is weird, but I swear the change in them was almost immediate. Little H grabs toys and puts them right into his mouth. I watched him do it Monday morning. Little A was rolling over by the afternoon. From tummy to back (he hates tummy time), then from back to tummy is almost mastered, if he can just figure out to move his arm. It is so amazing to watch them change. It is so amazing to see them discover new things. I am so lucky that I get to spend my days with them. I am so thankful that D is the best husband ever and supports my decision to quit my job.

And now for a swift change of subject, I am hoping to set up my in home photography studio soon. D and the boys got me a lighting kit and background screens. I am excited to set it all up and take some pictures. So be prepared. If they turn out well, there will be a lot of pictures posted!

We took the boys to the BNP Paribas Tennis Open here in town. We go every year, so it was fun to bring the boys this time. All of D’s coworkers loved seeing the Littles. D has decided he wants the boys to grow up and be professional tennis players. We will see. 🎾


Family selfie in the suite watching Venus Williams get a comeback win.



Some more father/son twinning.


4 month photoshoot!

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