Today the Littles and I went to baby story time at our local public library. I absolutely love going out and doing things with the babes. Yes, it is a little challenging to get in and out of the car with two babies that can not move or do anything for themselves, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Plus, how terrible would it be to just sit in the house all day, every day?? The Littles were a little overwhelmed by all the kiddos running around and the toys and balls all over the place. Little A wanted to get out there and run around I think, while Little H was content with just watching from the safety of my lap! Their little personalities are so unique and it is one of my favorite things about being a twin mom. The librarian stopped reading mid story to comment on the littles, “one is more social and one is more reserved”, yep, they are two different boys.

After our library time we headed to Panera so they and I could eat. Side rant here: We needed to do a diaper change before we went in, so I got out the stroller and changed the boys in the back of the Jeep. Little H was done and in the stroller and I was changing Little A. There were a TON of empty parking spaces. In fact I parked far away from Panera so I would have some space to change diapers and stuff. Well this guy comes and starts parking right next to us! I had to quickly pull back the stroller. It wasn’t in the other space, but it was close so that I could have it next to me while I changed Little A. What is the matter with people?!? Then he gets out and says, “set up shop here I see.” What does that even mean!?! Oh well. Panera was of course yummy, and after the boys ate (and Little A flirted with the two older ladies next to us), I got to eat. They got the normal comments about how good they are. They really are. I may or may not be biased.

After lunch we went shopping at Whole Foods, it always takes me about thirty minutes longer to shop than it used to. Only because we get stopped every few minutes by people asking a plethora of questions: “are those twins, are they fraternal, are you sure?” And now I use the Binxy Baby – which I love – and even though theoretically it makes shopping easier, it actually makes my shopping trips longer because of all the people that stop and talk to me.

Saturday we went to Palm Springs because, well for no reason other than we are in the ‘sweet spot’ weather-wise right now. We had a nice walk around Downtown, stopped for dinner at a little restaurant (Marisol’s), and then stopped for dessert at Great Shakes. If you are ever in Palm Springs, I strongly urge you to make this stop. It’s all shakes and malts, and they all come with a mini donut on the straw!! What more could you ask for??


Salted caramel with hot fudge… and yep, mini donut! We shared because, well, we actually don’t eat sugary food all that much.




Little H enjoying his Binxy Baby Hammock.


Little A fell asleep at one point. Good news: They both love it!











Would love to have two Binxy Baby’s, but they are a bit pricey, so I just wear the other babe for now and it works fine. Unless someone wants to give me a second one!

Anyway, this rant, I mean post, is getting lengthy. I just love everyday. I love every second of every day. Spending so much time with my babes is the absolute best!



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