I’ve swaddled my last baby. Little H started to roll over. In his sleep no less. And now I am out of babies to swaddle.

These milestones are wonderful. They are proof that my babes are growing, thriving, and developing. They are also tough. Each one we meet means one less milestone to achieve.

I absolutely love being a twin mama. I can not imagine any other way to be a parent. One of the many benefits of being a mom to twins is, even though Little H started rolling over just last night, I am thankful for the almost full month of swaddling extension Little H gave me after Little A started rolling over.

My little glow worm sleeping peacefully in his Ollie Swaddle.



Little A in his newfound favorite way to sleep. Normally I just transition swaddle him, but he doesn’t necessarily need it. Plus it’s already warm here in the desert



Little H ready to rock and roll.


Little A celebrating his new found skill! This was the first day of consistent rolling over. He started to roll one way a little more than a week before this.

I love capturing these milestones with these wonderful Milestone Baby Cards! So easy to put the card in the several pictures I would already be taking anyway.


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