Drink it in!

Super late post. D had a work conference in San Diego, and of course the Littles and I tagged along. We love San Diego. D and I met and married there and our dog is named after the wonderful city. It is pretty much the most perfect city – And two weeks ago, a month ago, I got to introduce this wonderful place to my most precious babes. Bonus points: The weather was beyond perfect!

We started off with some lunch in Old Town at Fred’s. D and I enjoyed the one in PB quite often, so we figured it was a good starting off point. By the time we got to the hotel and all unpacked and settled, it was getting late, so I just went to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner that night. The next day, however, the Littles and I headed down to Seaport Village. It’s a fun little touristy place to walk around and was only a mile from our hotel. So, perfect. Little A and Little H slept through the sites though, but they would have been in awe at the size of the Midway! As a twin mom, it is a little more difficult to get all three of us in a selfie, so I try to take whatever pictures I can. It is a lot easier for D to take our picture… when he is there, or when I remind him too!


Our view was spectacular.


So nice to have fresh air.

I loved having the view of the bay from the balcony, however the open door sure made me nervous. They were not really rolling yet, but I still made sure we were blocking the opening with our bodies or the door was locked tight!


D and his happy boys!


Just taking a selfie on the beach with a daddy photobomb.


D showing off his photog skills using Snap filters.


This just made me laugh.

Luckily D’s conference wasn’t the whole week so we got a lot of family time too. We started by heading off to PB (Pacific Beach) and went to my favorite eatery… World Famous. I absolutely LOVE their lobster bisque. Yummy! Then we walked along the boardwalk and stopped at a bar that used to be called Nicks. The boys needed to eat, and D needed to get out some work emails (yes, he works when he’s not at work). It was early afternoon on a Thursday so it was nice and empty downstairs which was perfect for us. Little H fell asleep in the Ergo on our walk, and I didn’t really want to wake him yet and since D needed to do work, I just fed Little A. D started laughing and thought it was a perfect photo opportunity. He is an amazing dad, and we love being on this parenting journey together, but sometimes it’s just nice to have fun!

Friday we went to some craft breweries with friends in the day, but started off with a morning walk along the water. The night before we went to a beach bonfire for our friends that were getting married on the weekend. We even managed to get a photo of all four of us! The Littles were just bundled up in the Ergo’s to stay warm and away from the bonfire smoke.


Our little family. All dressed up and ready to party.


Little H and I getting ready to dance.


Little A and D. 










So, Saturday. Our friends got married. The Super Bowles Wedding. Great wedding tagline. This was the first wedding for the Littles, and they got dressed to the nines. They were quiet for the ceremony and slept through the beginning of the reception. Then they woke up, ate, put on their dancing shoes and partied. They were trying not to steal the show, after all a wedding is all about the bride. Em’s 4 Bubs were perfect to protect their tiny ears from the loud music and the loud cheering and whistling. Weddings are loud. I don’t think I noticed this before I became a parent.

They had a Photo Booth. I ❤️ Photo Booths! My obsession will live on with my boys.

So, I think that was our San Diego trip in a nutshell. Perfect weather the entire time, minus rain on the night we got there. I can’t wait to get back to San Diego… permanently. Hopefully someday soon!

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