Outings with twins

Twins are not hard in itself to take care of. It’s finding facilities in the outside world that make it difficult. Here is a list of my favorite twin favorite places that I will update as time goes on.

  1. Nordstrom, Fashion Valley in San Diego. Now, I love Nordstrom for many reasons, their amazing customer service for number one, but now that I am a mom I love their Women’s Lounge! A separate room away from the stalls, with comfy seating and a large area for littles to run around. Now had I known this was the case, I would have brought in a blanket so that one little could lay on the ground and play while I fed the other, but laying them on the couch with me blocking them worked fine.
  2. Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey. Talk about making life easier. I don’t breastfeed, but seeing the ‘baby room’ here definitely made me wish again that nursing had worked out for us. Rocking, reclining soft leather chairs, separated by half walls, facing a screen with serene ocean scenes and soft music. PERFECT. Just one little thing, the changing table was still in the bathroom in another room. There was a sink in the baby room and counter, so I just wish they had put a changing table in there, but perhaps they didn’t for sanitary reasons. Anyway, still amazing with two! When the boys are older there is a small play area too in the baby room.
  3. Westfield Mall, Palm Desert. I am sure most of the Westfield Malls have lots of seating areas which are great for tired shoppers I assume, but also nice for laying one boy down while feeding the other. My main concern when I am out with my boys is not making one sit in the car seat or stroller for so long, so anytime one little can be out while I am feeding the other, it’s a great place.


More to come as I discover them. Unfortunately most places are not very easy for me and two babies, but I go out as much as possible so I am bound to find them all! Places that are the worst… No changing area available at all! When we are all out together I can just take one little to the car to change (which is clearly obnoxious, but possible), but if it’s just me, I am not packing everything up to go change, then come back. I will just leave. You probably won’t get my business, and as annoying as it is to my husband, I like to spend money.

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