Catching up

I have been a mother to the most amazing boys for over half a year now. Seven months and 3 weeks to be exact. Being a mom has been everything I ever hoped it would be. Of course there are tough days, but overall being a mom is the best thing I have ever done. I feel at ease and so natural in this relatively new title. Sure, I am tired some days and the house isn’t spotless, but I love that my babes would prefer that I sit right next to them as they play with toys rather than clean up the kitchen. Their laughs and smiles completely wipe out the day of 20 minute naps, and 3 – 4 minor wake ups during the night. I know how lucky I am to have these two.

Watching each Little reach their various milestones has been amazing. Seeing how different they are in just normal development leaves me in awe daily.

Little A has been crawling around for almost a month now and Little H has no desire to move, but has two adorable bottom teeth. Little A gets so frustrated because he can pull himself up and cruise around the couch, but wants to move more. Little H loves to ‘talk’ to his hands and toys and make them ‘fly’ around.

These boys have my heart.



Little H didn’t even fuss when his two teeth came in. Little A has been so fussy and slobbery we thought for sure his teeth would show up any day. Then one day Little H bit me! Ha ha!! Surprise… he has teeth!


Oh and we missed this milestone, among many others, here on the blog…

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