Little Fish

I was so excited when my boys turned six months because it meant swim lessons! We don’t have a pool, but I was happy to have them experience the water. I bought them adorable custom bathing suits (2 months early) from Deuce Swim which is a local small shop right here in La Quinta. I am slightly obsessed with cactus right now, and luckily so was the shop owner! Anyway, between the bathing suits and the joy of playing in the water with my boys, I was beyond ecstatic that we were finally here.

Luckily the boys took to the water like naturals. Kicking and moving their arms right away. We were the youngest in the class and couldn’t do everything, like climbing out of the pool or blowing bubbles, but we practiced and did back floats and some underwater excursions. They loved grabbing for toys under the water and splashing.

We only did one session because they are so young and we don’t actually have a pool so it was more to get them used to water and exposed to pool survival skills, like floating on their backs, kicking, and climbing out of the side. Who am I kidding, it was more for me! Plus we live in the desert, so cooling off in the pool was a much needed reprieve from the heat. We will wait another year and go again, but in the mean time we have floatie seats to enjoy our friends pools during our boiling summer days.


I mean look at these babes in their suits. I melt.


You better believe these little certificates will be kept for ever… possibly framed. 

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