Happy Babes

Me and the Littles have been lucky to find some great new friends for us to grow with. Four first time mommas with adorable baby boys all within a month or so of the Littles. It is awesome having a great support group through text or in person! We meet up when we can, and I definitely always look forward to our meet ups.

This last week we were talking about when the boys were newborns and how they were/acted. The moms told me that their babes cried most of the time up until about three months old. I had nothing to add. My babes didn’t do that. Yes, they did cry… they were newborns after all, but they didn’t scream 75% of the time.

We attribute our happy babes to one thing. Well, really my husband attributes it to my rigid scheduling. Ha ha!! Ok, he doesn’t say rigid… at least out loud to me, but I am very routine and schedule oriented. That helped for sure. Our boys never had the issue of mixing up day and night. We started from the very beginning of naps in the living room, bedtime in our room in their 4Moms Breeze bassinets. We transitioned them to the 4Moms Breeze at four months for naps and night time. Nap time was unswaddled in their Dock A Tots in the thick of all the action of our living room. Bedtime routine was in our room: diaper change, lotion, pajamas, swaddle, bottle, book, lights dimmed, Pandora playing. Every. Single. Night. They were sleeping 4 – 5 hour stretches at 3 months old. Eight hours at 4 months old. Ten + hours at 6 months.

I attribute our happy babes to this book: The Happiest Baby on the Block written by Dr. Harvey Karp. I had never heard of this book, but received it as a gift from some dear friends. It is an easy read for sure. I read the book in a few days (Summertime, teacher, pregnant, to hot to do anything) and was totally hooked with the thoughts and ideas presented in this book. I won’t give it away, because you really need to read the book, but he talks about the Five S’s and the fourth trimester. Let me tell you… the fourth trimester… It’s a real thing! Now we don’t have scientific data backing up our claims, but we do have two babies that were conceived, gestated, and born under the same conditions at the same time. Little A was perfectly content as a newborn. Ate well, fell asleep easily, stared into my eyes while melting my heart. Little H was not ready for life outside his cozy little womb. He needed more soothing than his bother to make it through the fourth trimester. He would cry and get upset very easily… except, he didn’t. We mastered the Five S’s. We had two happy babes.

For any friend of ours that is expecting, I will be sending them this book. I believe this book is the reason we had a great fourth trimester together as a new family getting to know one another. If you are expecting, or you have a friend that is, I highly recommend this book.


Little H docked for his nap.


Little A cozy and relaxed with his arms up. Always.


Sleeping Babes are the sweetest thing.


Little H needed to be swaddled all the way through four months. Luckily he didn’t start rolling until then.


51Rnxe88QWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThe book that I think played a significant role in our happy sleeping babes early days.

Happy sleeping!

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