California born and raised – I grew up in Northern California, but my heart belongs in Southern California where I now reside with my beautiful little family of four + one fur kid.

Professionally I am a first grade teacher, but currently I am a stay at home momma to two beautiful twin boys. They are the only children my husband and I have. The only children we will ever have. Little A and Little H are my little miracle bundle of joys, and I can not imagine a day without them.

D works in local government so we move where his job takes us, and I as long as we stay in California, I love it! We met in 2006 in San Diego, and celebrated 5 years of marriage in 2016. We have one gorgeous German Shepherd Dog named St. Diego (Diego for short).

I am hoping to use this blog to chronicle the amazing adventures that my boys and I will be going on everyday as I navigate this new life of being a mom to twins. Twins changed our lives in more ways than we ever thought and I am extremely excited to be on this journey.